Catch of the Month

A beautiful 44 kilo Blue Marlin caught last June 18, 2010. View more photos on our gallery page.

Siargao News

Photo taken during the 1st Siargao Game Fishing Tournament with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo opened the competition by flinging a baited fishing hook tied by line to a fishing rod into the Siargao Island waters.


Probably the most popular active sport in General Luna, it’s remarkably relaxing, restorative and healthful. From Patrick’s Beach Bar & Restaurant overlooking Guyam and Dako Islands you can watch the fishermen from dawn to dusk, the clouds and the waves in the day or the moon at night. It’s up to you if you just sit and think or just sit. The best hangout by far is Patrick’s Beach Bar & Restaurant where you can get spoiled with the best cocktail blends: Beach Streakier, Surf breaker, Sun Chaser, Mermaid’s Lover and the Habal-Habal Splash.

Siargao Fishing offers the unbeatable rates for Fishing Tours, Packages can be tailor-made just for you !

The sport and game fishing capital of the Philippines is located in Siargao Island. The International Game Fishing Tournament of the Philippines is held annually in the province of Surigao Del Norte. The Philippine deep (trench) is only a few kilometers offshore from General Luna, Siargao Islands where we are located..

Come fish with us in Siargao Islands…
Fishing Philippines at its best!

We are not your usual Gulf or West Coast operator because General Luna, Siargao is most definitely not one of those. We are distant by most standards – a good thing from the standpoint of anyone looking for unexploited waters holding the prospective for a day long battles – so we do not supply to the daily flow of tourists and others that classic holiday destination operators do. Those who make it here mean it and so do we, so suppleness and being able to contain the needs, time constraints and other thoughts of our guests is primary. In other words, we adapt our service to fit your desires. Do not look for signs on walls posting “Fares & Departure Schedule” because there isn’t one here. We labour with people, not masses.

About Siargao Islands…

The terrain in Siargao Island is predominately rolling to steep. The highest elevation is 291 meters above sea level located along the middle Bucas Grande Island. On the western and southern sides of the island are broad expanse of mangrove swamps and broad reef flats. The island is proximate to the Philippine Deep which is 10,700 meters below sea level and considered as the deepest part of the trench.

The experience of seeing this region from a boat is truly breath-taking. In addition, there are several rivers and huge sections of mangroves that are amazingly rich areas of biodiversity and natural beauty. You will have the chance to stop and swim whenever the mood strikes you. These trips are a relaxing and informative way to view the stunning beauty of Siargao Islands.

Deep Sea Fishing…

Siargao Island is now famous as a surfing capital of the Philippines and one of the best surfing destinations in the world, but only a few know about its marine riches, underwater beauty and the rare bill fish species that can only be found in the Siargao Island's waters. Deep-sea fishing is top notch here. The sailfish and blue marlin season, really hums from March to early May, when the big fish (sailfish, marlin, MaiMai) cruise the deep water. But you could fish for coral trout, and other reef fish anytime as well as large deep sea snappers. You can join local fisherman for a one day or even a two day/one night fishing adventure to take you out to the Payao, a floating fish attractor about five miles beyond Guyam, and troll for bolis (skipjack) or Barilis(yellow fin tuna). You can catch Tanguigue (Spanish mackerel), huge Pacific Tuna, and Morang (dolphin fish).

Diving and Snorkelling…

There's plenty to see above and under the clear waters in and around Siargao Islands (fish, corals, sea snakes, etc, but no big sharks unless you go out far in depth of the Pacific). Plenty of reefs to snorkel around Guyam and Dako Islands right in front of Patrick's (you can just drift with the current along the drop-off). Around Pansukian, the coral reefs are great, (even better at night time) and you can explore reefs in front of Tuason Point (but please not under the break itself). Many, many good snorkeling places like all around La Janosa and Mamon Island, Casulian Island and about everywhere.