Siargao Sport-Fishing Association
2013 Pilar Sport-Fishing Cup
March 22, 23 & 24, 2013
Pilar, Siargao Island, Philippines

Tournament Fee: Non -Boat Owner; Php11,500 (early bird registration)
Php13,500 (late registration)
Inclusive of Airport Transfer from Siargao Airport to Pilar, Accommodations, Meals, Fellowship Nights, Bait, Boat Rental, Boatman & Fuel. Boat Owner; Php8,500 (early bird registration)

Php10,500 (late registration)
Inclusive of Airport Transfer from Siargao Airport to Pilar, Accommodations, Meals, Fellowship Nights, Bait & Fuel.
Registration: T.C.E. Tackles, Mandue City, Cebu (32) 328-3843
Registration Limit: Tournament will only be open to 50 Anglers (first come first serve basis)
Registration Deadline: March 11th, 2013 Late Registration Tournament Fee charged after this date.

Tournament Schedule:
Friday, March 22nd 1pm: Angler Registration (Pilar Proper)
7pm: Tournament Briefing, Boat & Boatmen Raffle Dinner and Fellowship Night
Saturday, March 23rd 5am to 5pm: Tournament Day 1
7pm: Dinner & Fellowship Night
Sunday, March 24th 5am to 4pm: Tournament Day 2
7pm: Awarding Ceremony, Dinner & Fellowship Night

Tournament Regulations
Fishing Guidelines: Fish must be caught by means of Trolling, Jigging, Popping or Bottom Fishing only. Anglers using Dynamite, Bombs, Explosives, Nets and Long Lines, Spear Fishing or means other than by Hooks like “Sprikitit” or “Rintik” will be disqualified from the tournament. A limit of 1 Billfish per day per Angler will be allowed to be caught.
Tackle & Line Class: Maximum Line Class allowed will be 50lbs IGFA Rated Mono or Braid Line and no more than two single or treble hooks per rod.
Rods per Boat: There will be no limit on the maximum number of Rods that will be allowed per boat.
Angler Check-out & Check-in: Tournament Participants must sign-out with Tournament Secretariat at the Pilar Dock on March 23rd & 24th before heading out to fish 5am at the earliest. Participants must report back on or before 5:00PM on Saturday March 23rd & on or before 4:00pm on Sunday March 24th to sign in and have their fish officially weighed in. In case of a tie in the weight of a fish, the angler who weighs in first shall prevail.
Fishing Area: Fishing Grounds for the Tournament will be 5 Miles off the East Coast of Siargao Island the Northern Boundary being Burgos & the Southern Boundary being Daku Island
Angler Safety Requirements: All Participants are required and must show that they have a Lifejacket, Flashlight and Mobile Phone on-board. (VHF Radios are encouraged).

Tournament Categories & Trophies
Over-All Angler: (Based on Points System) Champion, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, 4th Place, 5th Place. Largest Catch: (Based on Weight) Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Trevally/Talakitok, Tuna, Wahoo/Tanguigue, Barracuda

Awarding Guidelines
Overall Angler Guideline: For determining the winners of the Overall Angler Category a point system will be implemented. Each 7 Categories of fish (1)Marlin, (2)Sailfish, (3)Dorado, (4)Trevally/Talakitok, (5)Tuna, (6)Wahoo/Tanguigue & (7)Barracuda will be awarded points from 10 to 1. The heaviest fish in a category being awarded 10 points, the 2nd heaviest fish 9 points, the 3rd heaviest 8 points, so on and so forth. Anglers may submit one fish for every category. If he catches two or more fish in any one category, the biggest fish will automatically be considered as his entry and awarded the appropriate set of points. At the end of the tournament total points will be tallied and the Angler with the highest number of Points will be awarded the Overall Angler Championship Trophy. So for example if an Angler has the heaviest Marlin (10 points) + 3rd heaviest Tuna (8 points) + 8th heaviest Barracuda (3 points) he would have a total of 21 points.

Tournament Committee
Chairman: Dave Sharpe +63-917-327-5934
Vice-Chairman: Junior Gonzalez +63- 920-772-8875
Tournament Director: Henry Uy +63-917-622-0240
Tournament Secretariat: Rainer Aguas +63-917-321-9341
Pilar Contact & Representative: Bobong Castillo +63-917-321-5500
Cebu Contact & Representative: Richard Sharpe +63-917-628-6129

The Tournament Committee have the right to cancel or limit the time of the tournament if they deem that the seas & weather conditions will post danger to life and limb and is unsafe to participants, boatman, organizers and tournament staff. If at any time of day the weather causes the Tournament Committee to eventually cancel that day of the tournament, the fish caught during the day will not be counted. There will be no refund of tournament registration fees for tournament cancelations due to weather and natural occurrences.

The Tournament Committee’s say is always final and they reserve the right to change the rules and regulations of the tournament in the interest of fairness and benefit to all participants, before and during the tournament, provided the changes will be announced to the participants verbally or in writing.