4th Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament

3rd Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament


April 28 to May 01, 2011  ◘  Pilar, Siargao Island
Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Venue:  Pilar Boulevard

DAY 01:  28 April  2011 (Thursday)
0900H-1600H:    Arrival / Registration of Anglers and Guests
with Welcome Reception
1800H       :       Anglers’ Briefing and Welcome Dinner Press Briefing/ Raffle of Boatmen
1900H       :       Free Time / Dinner

DAY 02:  29 April 2011 (Friday)
1000H       :       Grand Opening of the 4th Siargao Invitational Game Fishing Tournament

Guest of Honor: President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III

1200H       :       Lunch / Relax
1300H       :       Anglers’ Check-out
1700H       :       Angler’s Check-in at Weighing Station
1900H       :       Welcome Dinner with Cultural Show

DAY 03:  30 April 2011 (Saturday)
0500H       :       Anglers’ Check-out
1700H       :       Angler’s Check-in at Weighing Station
1900H       :       Fellowship Dinner
2030H       :       Search for Miss Siargao 2011

DAY 04:  01 May 2011 (Sunday)
0500H       :       Anglers’ Check-out
1700H       :       Angler’s Check-in at Weighing Station
1900H       :       Awarding Ceremonies / Fellowship Dinner
2030H       :       Summer Means Beer (SMB) Party with Beach Fashion Show

DAY 05:  02 May 2011 (Monday):
0400H       :      Check-out / Proceed to Dapa
0600H       :      Depart for Surigao City via Chartered Boat
0900H       :      Arrive Surigao City/Breakfast at Peng Yu Restaurant
1000H       :      Proceed to Surigao City airport/ Check-In
1100H       :      Depart for Manila via PAL Express via Surigao City or Cebu Pacific Airlines via Sayak Airport


BIGGEST BILLFISH  CATEGORY (main division):  (minimum size is 15kg)
Biggest  Php50,000.00;   Second  Php30,000.00; Third Php10,000.00.

BIGGEST TALAKITOK (main division): (minimum size is 5Kg)
Biggest  Php30,000.00;  Second Php15,000.00; Third Php10,000.00.

BIGGEST WAHOO/TANGUIGUE (main division): (minimum size is 5kg)
Biggest  Php30,000.00; Second Php15,000.00; Third Php5,000.00
BIGGEST DORADO (main division): (minimum size is 5kg)
Biggest  Php30,000.00; Second Php15,000.00; Third Php10,000.00.

BIGGEST INDIVIDUAL CATCH (main and open boat division)
[Except shark, Stingrays, Puffer fish, Dolphin (lumba) and turtles]
(minimum size is 5Kg)
Biggest  Php40,000.00; Second Php20,000.00; Third Php10,000.00.
BIGGEST TOTAL CATCH PER BOAT (open boat division)
Biggest Php20,000.00; second Php15,000.00
BIGGEST BILLFISH (open boat division) Php20,000.00
minimum size is 15kg.
BIGGEST DORADO (open boat division) Php15,000.00
Minimum size is 5Kg.
BIGGEST WAHOO/TANGUIGUE (open boat division)    Php10,000.00
Minimum size is 5kg

Tournament Rules and Regulation:

  1. All participants must be  at Pilar, Siargao Island at 4:00PM of April 28, 2011 for Registration and briefings of the tournament schedules, Rules and Regulation.
  2. Banca Boats and Boatmen shall be raffled (not applicable to open boat division).  Boat owner may use their own boat provided they will use boatman taken from the Raffle of Boatmen and provided that he agrees to pay the  same amount of boat rentals to the boatman. Only Banca boats are allowed in this tournament.
  3. All participants must be at Pilar dock at 5:00AM during the tournament days of April 29, 30 and May 1, 2011 and must sign in at the tournament Secretariat before going out to fish.  Anglers must report back on or before 5:00PM to sign out and have their fish officially weighed by the secretariat.   Any anglers who is late or did not sign in or sign out is disqualified for the tournament day. Tournament time is 5:30AM and end at 5:00PM.
  4. All participants must show to the secretariat that he has a life jacket, flashlight, raincoats and ample supply of water for safety purposes. Anglers with Marine Radio are advised to bring it with them and tune in at frequency 72.  Anglers are also required to bring in their cellular phone.
  5. Fishing area is within five (5) kilometres from the east of the shores of Pilar, Siargao. The north point is Burgos and south point is before Dako Island.
  6. The organizer will provide anglers with enough baits. But it is the responsibility of the anglers that the baits are properly rigs with hook(s) and that the knots are properly tied.
  7. Each boat is allowed to use 3 rods (not applicable to open boat division) and the maximum line is 50lbs of mono or braid.
  8. Registration Deadline is April 14, 2011.
  9. Anglers must use not more than two single or treble hooks per rods and fish must be caught by means of  trolling, jigging, popping and bottom fishing. Fish caught by other means other than by hooks like “sprikitit” or “rintik”, bombs or explosives, nets, long lines, spear fishing “pana”, poison “hilo” or “tubli” or other means not sanctioned by the Tournament Director will be disqualified.
  10. In case of tie in the weighing of the fish, the angler who weighs in first shall prevail.
  11. Angler can submit one biggest fish for every fish category.  If he catches two or more fish in one category, the biggest will automatically be considered as his entry. Angler can also win in other fish category but he cannot win twice or thrice in each category. All qualifying fish caught will be kept in the freezer and will be release on the last day of the tournament.
  12. In case of protest, the protest must be in writing within the first two hours of the event or occurrence sought to be protested and submitted to the secretariat. The protest fee is Php500.00. If the protest is prima facie meritorious, it will be heard by the Tournament Director and will be discussed by three judges. The Decision of the Tournament Director and the three judges is final.
  13. The Tournament Director will have the right to cancel, limit the time of the tournament if he deems that the weather condition will post danger to life and limbs and is unsafe to hold the tournament. If the weather is unfavorable at anytime of day and is eventually cancelled, the fish caught  during the day will not be counted. There will be no refund of the registration fee.
  14. The Tournament Director and Secretariat reserves the right to change the rules and regulations of the tournament before and during the tournament provided the changes will be announced to the participants verbally or in writing.


1. Entry Fee: PhP1,000  -  proceeds of the Registration Fees will be given to PILAR FISHERFOLKS ASSOCIATION   for their livelihood 

2. Boat Rental for 3-days excluding fuel should be paid during registration  on the 14th of April 2011


Zeny Pallugna (event coordinator)
mobile : 09296721508
email : zenpallugna@yahoo.com.ph | psftour@gmail.com

Atty. Gordon Uy ( of GoodCatch Fishing Tackle )
for more information on how you can be part of this exciting event
phone : 02-3038677


Mr. Frank Dinsay IV
mobile : 0917-3298586


Mr. Lito Gempesaw
mobile : 0922-8609512


Mr. VicVic Solloso
(Siargao Tourism Officer)
mobile : 0918-2082986