Fishing Accomodation in General Luna, Siargao

Lodging houses

Simply the best place to stay on General Luna, Siargao Island during your fishing trips. The views over the lagoon is breathtaking and resort’s gardens and surrounds are meticulously maintained. The fishing lodge has been built with consideration for all budgets. Rooms range from deluxe aircon to standard fan rooms, with all rooms having spectacular views over the Cloud 9 surf break.

The Fishing Lodge also boasts a brand new restaurant, completed late 2008, with exceptional views over the lagoon. The restaurant serves a variety of Western and Filipino food; based around fresh seafood, chicken, beef and pork dishes served with a variety of vegetables. Our fresh salads, selection of tropical fruits and fruit shakes are always available.

Lodging houses
A view of the the judges platform for the annual surfing competition taken from the restaurant.

Typical rooms at the Fishing Lodge.
By the beach lodging accomodations

Other Activities in Siargao Island

Night Life
There are enough clubs and discos about to keep you very inexpensively entertained and occupied and offering the opportunity to meet locals of all types.

Water Sports
Surfing in SiargaoAside from swimming, diving and snorkeling at any of the countless unspoiled, virgin reefs are favorites. And then there’s surfing. Numerous breaks of different varieties in different areas welcome surfers of every level of ability and lessons for beginners are available from a number of local operators. For the already-expert, of course, there is the challenging world famous “Cloud Nine” break at General Luna, site of an annual international competition attracting surfers from all over the globe.

Naturalist Fun
Tarsiers in Siargao IslandsSiargao can be a delight for nature lovers. Hiking, hill climbing and just beach-combing and shell collecting or wildlife watching in the rain forests can all bring their own special surprises. For even more pristine, unspoiled nature several sparsely inhabited easy to reach nearby islands such as Casulian offer quietude and natural beauty unrivaled anywhere in the world.

Optional alternatives

Sometimes, when the weather's not so good or the fishing is a bit slow you may feel like doing something different & we can provide the following options free of charge to our guests:

Birdwatching. Although we are not really very clued up on this activity we do appreciate that there are some residents here that you wont see anywhere else in the world.

Surfing. Again, not really our scene because we're way too old & fat but once again those in the know rate some of the waves, breaks?, etc as pretty exceptional. Best time seems to be September & October when there are several competitions. We can usually arrange a lesson for those wanting to have a go.

Island tour. A road trip around the island, taking in some of the amazing scenery.

River tour. A boat trip up the Coconut River, one of the two rivers near our base in General Luna. A chance of seeing a Saltwater Crocodile, several species of rare bird, a Tarsier, and a variety of other unusual examples of flora & fauna. A friend gets very excited by the Orchids. Also an opportunity to fly-fish for a variety of small fish around the mangroves.