Siargao Fishermen Catch Nearly 9-foot Long, 132 Kilos Giant Fish

June 26, 2009, SURIGAO CITY

It could have been the foreign anglers’ grandest catch but what these World-class game fishing enthusiasts failed to achieve were the success of the two local fishermen who never thought in their years of catching fishes their only means of livelihood, to catch a 8 foot, 8 inches long with 50.5 inches width and 132 kilos “Pacific Blue Marlin”.

Surigao City-based broadcaster Jun Parada who personally saw the giant fish as he was in Siargao Island at the time it was caught told this writer hundreds of coastal Barangay Asinan residents partake the meat of the giant fish after ten hours it got finally subdued.

Siargao Fishermen Catch Nearly 9-foot Long, 132 Kilos Giant FishParada said he was in the island town of Pilar to cover the recently concluded 3rd Siargao International Game Fishing tournament.
Pilar Mayor Lucio Gonzales identified the fishermen who accidentally caught the giant fish as Allan Salvadoza and Constancio Batistil, both residents of Barangay Asinan, Pilar, Surigao del Norte.
According to the two fishermen, they were sailing off coast Barangay Asinan morning of April 14 just four days after the scheduled April 6-10, 2009 3rd Siargao International Game Fishing Competition concluded wherein known local and foreign anglers participated. The highest catch achieved during that now going popular game fishing tournament was a 40-kilograms blue marlin, Pilar Mayor Lucio Gonzales said.

The two fishermen said they were on their daily regular fishing expedition that day when they suddenly noticed their crude fishing tools’ ropes got tightened and their regular size motorized fishing boat powered by a ten horsepower engine seemed to be dragged away by the fish hooked in their baits.

Siargao Fishermen Catch Nearly 9-foot Long, 132 Kilos Giant FishWhen they tried to pull the rope, it seems the fish was so heavy that they nearly got thrown away from the fishing boat thus they decided to go near the shore and seek from the people. They got the surprised of their lives when they saw the fish they accidentally caught was twice bigger and taller than them.

They then just let the giant fish struggle from time to time as its giant mouth was already hooked with its huge hooks intended for big fishes of their fishing rod. Thus it took them ten hours to finally catch the giant fish. They accidentally hooked the giant fish around 9:30 a.m. April 14 but it was already 7:30 in the evening when it was finally caught with the help of many people in Barangay Asinan shore. Barangay Asinan residents were shocked of the hugeness of the giant fish thus after they measured it after it died due loss of blood from the iron hooks hooked into the fish’s giant mouth they decided to divide the fish’s giant meat where some 700 people were able to partake it for dinner. They claimed it was the biggest fish and first catch so far in their years of staying in the coastal Barangay of Asinan. Local officials of Pilar are hoping it will be included in the Guinness Book of World records.